Moving forward...finally

I am back from the long weekend. My creative, free spirited friends have finally pushed me to put in the time and energy to pull the trigger on some growth that I have put on the back burner. I am now bringing that to the front. So far...

1.) signed up for the photography classes, I bought months ago.

2.) Bought myself a camera for said class.

3.) I have began to seriously research the online social media certification courses for my upcoming career change.

4.) Finally reached out to friends already in that field.

I was going to wait on all these things until I am official done working at my current career. However, this weekend I had an epiphany about getting started NOW. Why am I waiting? I am no longer waiting.

This blog is a journey from transitioning from working for my family-owned business doing accounting because it was a spot that I fell into, to turning my hobbies into an independent venture all my own over the next year or so.

Welcome to Shrewzard Says...